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The Beijing Spirit

December 2, 2012

Beijing SpiritPeople in Beijing live by different standards than many Europeans or Americans, and therefore it is important to understand their values and way of life before entering the city. It is wise not only because this way you can avoid offending the inhabitants of the city, but also because otherwise you would not fully appreciate the culture into which you are about to get immersed. As they officially state, they live by four principles: “Patriotism, Innovation, Inclusiveness, Virtue”.

The first element, patriotism, is key not only of the culture of Beijing, but also the core value of socialism. People in China feel strongly about defending their nation and working towards its success and development. This is especially visible in the country’s capitol, so beware not to undermine the nation’s values!

Innovation is a surprisingly strong force in this in many ways traditional country. On one hand people have immense respect for their ancestors, and on the other believe that “new means better”. With that in mind don’t be surprised to see that people in the streets have better cell phones than yours!

One would expect a socialist country to be unified and mundane, right? Wrong! Inclusiveness, another value shared by the people of Beijing means tolerance for distinctness and harmonious development of different cultures. But again, once you’re there, you’ll see that this tolerance has its limits…

The last key word here is virtue. It reflects the morality, honesty, sincerity, helpfulness, but also orderliness of people. Therefore once you’re in there, watch closely and do as the locals. Then you’ll be safe to enjoy yourself with no unpleasantness.

And if you feel lost, try to find a qualified companion to lead the way…

Why Beijing is an unique place?

August 6, 2012

the Sanlitun bar street areaEveryone likes to travel. We all love to explore foreign countries, foreign culture, learn about different customs. We like to go on long trips and visit beautiful places. There is a lot of beautiful places in the world. During the trip we also like to meet new people, especially new girls. Personally, I would like to recommend you some exciting place called Beijing. I just came back from Beijing last week and I would like to tell you guys about some places that I managed to see when I was there. Beijing is a special city, especially by night. Nightlife in Beijing is very exciting. After dark you can watch there traditional Chinese parades, you can go for night shopping or you can visit some bars, clubs or pubs. You will meet there are a lot of beautiful Chinese girls. You can also visit the Sanlitun Bar Street area. This is one of the most popular entertainment areas for foreign tourists in Beijing. If you want to meet some girls, you should visit Houhai Bar Street area. For people who visit Beijing and prefer killing time in a bar with Chinese girls, Houhai is an ideal choice. If you are taking Beijing travel for first time, you should visit these places. It will be the best choices for a wonderful nightlife experience. And these shapely girls with sweet faces, I still dream about them.

Places you must see in Beijing

July 15, 2012
  • Forbidden CityTemple of Heaven
    In the center stands the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, considered the pinnacle of traditional Chinese architecture. The building of the temple has a characteristic, geometric arrangement emphasizes the ancient belief that heaven is round and earth is a square. This building is one of the greatest and most sacred objects of China.
  • Tiananmen Square
    Tiananmen Square is a central place in Beijing, the largest square in the world. For centuries was witnesing the most important events in Chinese history. Square was founded in 1417 and then measured 880 meters in a north-south and 500 meters east-west axis. There was a town square. It has housed the offices of the imperial officials.
  • Lama Temple
    Lama Temple is one of the most famous Tibetan Buddhist temple. The whole complex occupies an area of more than 60 thousand square meters, which is more than a thousand rooms. Lama Temple was the first residence of the fourth son of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty Yingzhena.
  • Chinese Opera
    During your stay in Beijing you should also see a Chinese opera performance or presentation of acrobats. Chinese Opera combines elements of singing, playing theater, dialogue, mime and acrobatics. Over the centuries, evolved about 360 local varieties of opera.

Beijing a city of contrasts

July 13, 2012

Beijing a city of contrastsBeijing is a great city, is about 12mln inhabitants and its shortest description is a city of contrasts. Modern skyscrapers and broken huts, Audi and rusty bicycles, restaurants for 10 yuan, and for 400. At first sight the city looks very good, modern roads, intersections, many tall and beautiful buildings. This is clearly seen from the windows of the hotel and a taxi. The Chinese change hutongs (low, traditional buildings) into the blocks, so that more people can live in less space, and the dream of most of them is to live in the capital. In addition faster development was motivated by the Olympics, China wanted  to show how well they  are developed and what is their potential. If you had an opportunity to pass through the center of the emerging  Olympic village and the main object  you can see they are impressive. The airport terminal was made two times larger than the previous one, but the fact that the standard of living is not too high and the overall poverty ca not be concealed and it is shown everywhere. Very characteristic of the city is the smog, which can be seen almost every day, at this time the visibility is very limited, it is because of high humidity and no wind.

Beijing – tourist attractions by night

July 12, 2012

Beijing at nightWell we all know the great tourist attractions of Beijing from films or the news, but not having the greatest of knowledge of the Chinese language I followed advice from a workmate and hired a Beijing escort who was not only beautiful but also seemed prepared for all of my needs, whether it was to visit the museums or Tiananmen Square or to in my private hotel room. She also was ready to guide me through all of the city and to get acquainted with the local customs, she was fantastic both as a guide as well as getting to know the more natural parts of life. She also gave me the greatest massage I have ever had, but that’s probably just a local custom to stand around on top of your employee, but in actual fact she was great. I admit we did take the night bus tour of the city but somehow, my guide took all my attention, so I took the bus tour the next day during light, although we all know that artificial light can make things more beautiful, but not as beautiful as my escort. My apologies to Beijing and its tourist board, if only you had less pretty escorts I would have noticed more of your great and beautiful sights. Sorry…